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Balancing of shafts at LLC «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant»

Balancing of shaftsHas the shaft failed on your equipment, the parts wear out prematurely, and the engine has abnormal vibrations? In this case, you need shaft balancing. And you can do it quickly and at a high professional level at the DFMP plant.

Mechanical assembly shop «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» LLC provides a full range of services related to the elimination of malfunctions in the operation of drive shafts and crankshafts.



The balancing of the cardan shaft, as well as the balancing of the crankshaft, is carried out by the specialists of the enterprise in several stages. Namely:

  1. Diagnostics of the operation of the shaft. Employees of the machine assembly shop make a thorough inspection of the part and analyze its work.
  2. Problem identification. After the diagnosis, the specialist identifies a malfunction that will need to be eliminated during balancing.
  3. Debugg. At this stage, DFMP mechanics are repairing the part and fixing the malfunction that caused the shaft imbalance.
  4. Testing. This is the final stage, during which the restored part goes through a cycle of mechanical checks, confirming that it is in full working order.

What shaft balancing equipment is used at DFMP?

Only high-performance balancing equipment is used in the production of DFMP, in particular, a shaft balancing machine from ENSET. This equipment is the latest technology, a universal high-precision machine that allows you to get the highest quality result.

Thanks to the use of a stand for dynamic shaft balancing, we were able to significantly reduce the time spent on this procedure. And if on outdated equipment a similar job could take up to half an hour, now, using a shaft balancing stand, we do an excellent job in 5 minutes. And the balancing accuracy remains as high as possible.

What problems does dynamic shaft balancing solve?

Dynamic balancing of shafts is “shown” in any industry, since today owners very often lose sight of this point. As a result, most of the machines and mechanisms at enterprises are in a deplorable state, experiencing a powerful imbalance and wearing out prematurely.
Timely regular balancing avoids problems such as:

  • low accuracy of operations;
  • premature wear of equipment;
  • failures in the production process;
  • decrease in production turnover;
  • broken deadlines, breach of contracts, loss of reputation and customers.

What are the consequences if you do NOT balance the shafts?

Owners of industrial enterprises who do not pay due attention to shaft balancing should be prepared for the following consequences:

  • increased vibration of equipment;
  • destruction of bearings and their premature failure;
  • destruction of the foundation on which the equipment is installed;
  • damage to parts of mechanisms due to high vibration and incorrect operation.

All of these problems can be easily avoided. To do this, you just need to regularly balance the shafts (cardan and crankshafts). Imagine: 5 minutes of time and your production is running at full capacity, without failures and other breakdowns associated with unbalance of the shafts.

If you need fast, high-precision and high-quality balancing of shafts, the price of which will be acceptable, please contact the specialists of the Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant. You can submit an application directly on the company’s website or order shaft balancing during a personal visit to DFMP in Pavlograd.


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