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Cut-off Format Filling Stations

The sizing and filling cut-off is set to create a filling strip in the wire part of the paper machine and to quickly cut off the web in the event of a break. Designed for use in automatic web threading systems. The operator can place the cutoff in any position to achieve the required swath width. In working condition, the PM knife is located on the drive side, the movement is carried out by a motor-reducer using a drive belt. The travel speed is set by the operator from the control panel. 

The cut-off position is determined by 6 limit switches: 4 operating positions, 2 for precise cut-off position, deceleration. Refueling can be carried out in manual mode, when the electromagnetic clutch is turned off.

Format cut-offs cut the edges of the formed paper web to the required size (width). Two nozzles are installed on the front and drive sides. By agreement with the Customer, format cut-offs are installed on independent brackets or on the filling cut-off beam. Distance between nozzles and grid: 40..80 mm. Each nozzle can be rotated 45° in any direction. Water is supplied to the format cut-offs by command from the remote control.

Cut-offs are supplied together with the control panel.

Material: stainless steel.


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