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Gas pipe and industrial air ducts with a diameter of up to 6000 mm

LLC «Dnepropetrovsk foundry – machine-building plant» carries out the production of gas ducts, which are special channels for the removal of gases converted during the combustion of any type of fuel in the process of creating cement. Also, this type of equipment has the function of maintaining the optimal level of fuel combustion by supplying air (oxygen) to the heat generation device. That is why flue and industrial air ducts are necessary.

This type of equipment for the cement industry is made from high-strength types of metal with a smooth inner part to prevent soot and condensate from settling on the walls. They are equipped with various elements that perform various functions:


  • hatches;
  • grids;
  • holes;
  • flaps;
  • valves.

In addition to gas ducts, air ducts are manufactured, reaching a diameter of 6000 millimeters, which is one of the types of air conditioning and ventilation at the enterprise. The presented type of industrial equipment is designed to provide a level of air circulation that meets established standards. Another function of gas ducts is to maintain the optimum temperature in production facilities, corresponding to the technological parameters of production.


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