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Glue press

The gluing press is intended for surface gluing of paper and cardboard and is a part of paper and cardboard machines. 

The press consists of two press rollers,set at an angle to the horizontal,roller pressure mechanism , collectors glue supply, trays for collecting flushingwater, funnels for collecting and returning torecirculation excess adhesive, drive. Glue is applied to the paper webwhen it passes through the glue bath, formed by shaft surfaces. Impregnationwith glue along the thickness of the paper weboccurs in the press grip due to static and hydrodynamic pressure.

Excess glue is removed for recycling through overflow funnels along the ends of the shaft. Adjusting the height of the glue bath levelmanually using inlet valves to the headers. The level difference alongpress width is manually adjusted by tapson the manifold nozzles. Linear pressurebetween the shafts is created due to the mechanismpressure of the shafts, which consists of a system < /span>levers and actuator.

The actuator may be in the form of a pneumatic or hydraulic drive. 

When completing the clamping mechanism with a hydraulic drive, the delivery of the size press includes a hydraulic station. Press roll jackets are lined with rubber or synthetic resin coatings, roll jackets and chucks are made of ductile iron, roll pins are made of carbon steel. Drives of both shafts are adjustable. Beds and levers are welded carbon steel construction. The lubrication of the bearing units of the press rolls, depending on the requirements of the customer, can be centralized for liquid lubrication, or manual for grease lubrication. Collectors, trays and overflow funnels are made of stainless steel.


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