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Grinding of parts on flat and circular grinding machines

Grinding of parts on flat and circular grinding machinesThe plant carries out such work as grinding parts on flat and circular grinding machines, which is one of the types of metal processing.

The advantages of grinding parts are the possibility of changing modes during direct work, i.e. reducing the thickness of the metal layer that is removed, as well as the simplicity and convenience of setting up the equipment.

The end surface of the wheel or its periphery is used for processing parts on flat grinding machines. Designed for high-quality grinding of various surfaces of workpieces and parts.

This type of detail processing is characterized by a high level of accuracy and a relatively small percentage of heat transfer.

For optimal surface cleanliness, parts are processed on circular grinding machines. In this case, two stages of grinding are used:

  • rough, which removes the main allowance;
  • thin, which achieves precision and high-quality surface cleanliness.

The advantages of circular grinding machines are the ability to remove different thicknesses of the allowance, change the position of the surfaces for grinding, and also correct errors.


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