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Modernization of industrial equipment of LLC «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry Machine Building Plant»

Modernization of industrial equipmentIs your company’s equipment outdated and not working with the capacity you would like? It’s time to take care of its modernization.

The DFMP plant has been successfully engaged in modernization of equipment for many industries for many years. Thanks to the desire to improve machines and mechanisms, effective work in this direction and a professional team, we have earned the reputation of one of the best equipment repair and modernization plants in Ukraine.


What is the purpose of equipment modernization?

The essence of such a procedure as the reconstruction or modernization of equipment is to breathe new life into outdated equipment and production lines. This is done through the introduction of new technologies and modern controls and equipment.

Modernization of technological equipment has two goals:

  1. Increase productivity and quality of work.
  2. Reduce energy consumption and labor costs.

As a result of the work carried out, your equipment reaches a completely new level of production capacity, and production receives a huge opportunity for economic development. Moreover, after the installation of new equipment and control systems, the interaction with the mechanisms is much easier and more efficient for the staff. And the introduction of energy-saving technologies will allow you to save huge amounts of money and make your business even more profitable.

What problems does the technical modernization of equipment solve?

The modernization of production equipment, which is carried out by the DLMZ plant, saves your company, and therefore you, from such problems:

  • wear of machines, mechanisms and their parts;
  • inefficient use of equipment;
  • long downtime;
  • low competitiveness of products;
  • high repair costs.

The list is pretty intimidating. And the worst thing about it is that it is incomplete.

What to do so that all this does not concern you?

Order the equipment modernization service for your enterprise from Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant LLC. Specialists of DLMZ have many years of experience in performing such tasks, so they are guaranteed to carry out all repairs at a high professional level. Regardless of the level of difficulty.

We are upgrading equipment:

  • for the production of paper and cardboard;
  • agricultural;
  • metallurgical;
  • feed industry;
  • and from any other industry.

As part of this service, the DFMP plant provides customers with additional options, in particular:

  • departure of specialists to the customer;
  • installation of updated equipment and its components;
  • supervision of equipment.

Do you want to modernize the equipment at your enterprise in order to bring it to a new level of production capacity and make your products competitive? Do you want to reduce the energy consumption of obsolete machines and increase the income from production at times? Then you definitely need repair and modernization of equipment.

Contact the high-class specialists of Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant LLC if you need a quick and high-quality performance of this service. You can apply directly on the site or at a personal meeting with our managers.


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