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Processing on vertical, horizontal and longitudinal milling machines

One of the typeslongitudinal milling machines of locksmith work of the mechanical assembly shop is processing on metal milling machines, which is mechanical processing with a special cutting device – a milling cutter, which performs rotational movements, and the workpiece that goes under the milling cutter is reciprocating.

Types of milling machines used:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • longitudinal.

For metal processing on vertical milling machines, depending on the spatial arrangement of the surface to be processed, longitudinal or transverse feed is used using end-mounted milling cutters or milling heads.

To carry out work on milling grooves, screw grooves, shaped surfaces, copying wheel teeth, etc., processing on horizontal milling machines with appropriate technical characteristics and the use of longitudinal feed is used.

Processing on longitudinal milling machines is carried out with the help of end mills and socket mills for horizontal, vertical, inclined surfaces, as well as ledges and grooves.


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