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Repair of industrial equipment

Repair of industrial equipment

Do you want to extend the life of the equipment used in a particular industry? This will help you with high-quality and timely repair of industrial equipment. Where to order it in Ukraine? At the enterprise «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant», which provides professional services for the repair of various types of equipment.

Prevention and repair of industrial equipment: why and when is it better to carry out?

Maintenance and repair of industrial equipment is a guarantee that equipment in small and large enterprises will work properly for a long period of time. Without a set of service measures, there is a high risk that strategically important equipment will break down at the height of the production process, which will cause downtime and will inevitably lead to serious financial losses.

Taking into account the fact that many industrial enterprises are characterized by seasonality, it is better to repair machine tools and industrial equipment during periods of reduced workload. Then the specialists will have enough time to check the performance of machines and assemblies, identify weaknesses in the work and the real causes of the malfunction, as well as determine the most worn parts that need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Our enterprise has all the necessary tools and highly qualified personnel for full-fledged preventive maintenance and repair of industrial equipment.


As a result of the work carried out on the maintenance of industrial equipment:

  • performance increases;
  • rationality is ensured;
  • functionality guaranteed.

Organization of repair of industrial equipment at «DFMP»

Installation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment – these three types of services are ideally ordered from one contractor. In this case, you get a guarantee for the list of work performed and the opportunity to cooperate on favorable terms.

Among its services LLC «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» offers:

  • Production of spare parts to order, including according to customer’s drawings.
  • Repair and maintenance of industrial equipment (warranty and post-warranty).

Spare parts of our production comply with established norms and quality standards. Before use, each spare part undergoes mandatory testing and verification.

The involvement of professional teams of workers requires not only installation. Repairs to industrial equipment must also be carried out by competent professionals. Regular repairs of industrial equipment by specialized specialists will allow you to save a much larger amount than you spend on paying for a specialized service.

How to order the repair and installation of industrial equipment by the employees of the design bureau “DFMP”? Choose the most convenient way for you: call us, send us a message or come to the factory in person.




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