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Spare parts and service

Maintenance of industrial equipment

Maintenance of industrial equipmentTimely organization of maintenance and repair of equipment is an extremely important process. After all, any equipment is subject to wear and tear, and in order to avoid the final breakdown of units, production downtime, the help of specialized specialists is needed. This is why maintenance of industrial equipment requires special attention.

The enterprise «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» provides services for regular maintenance of units used in various industries.



Why maintenance of industrial equipment is so important?

Many enterprises operate on a seasonal basis – depending on the industry. That is, during certain periods of the year, the workload of production decreases. This time is ideal for carrying out maintenance of industrial equipment.

Specialists will check the operability of the machine, the unit, identify weaknesses in its operation, determine which parts have undergone the greatest wear and require mandatory replacement in the near future.


After all, if you do not carry out service maintenance of industrial equipment, then there is a high probability of equipment failure in the midst of the production process, which will lead to downtime and solid financial losses. Also, timely work in this direction guarantees:

  • better performance;
  • rationality;
  • equipment functionality.

Therefore, it is so important not to neglect this direction and not to save on it. After all, in the end, you will save significantly by preventing serious breakdowns.


Production of spare parts and service maintenance of equipment

Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant performs manufacture of spare parts to order for their further use during maintenance and repair of equipment, including non-standard ones.

Spare parts developed by the company’s specialists meet quality standards, and also undergo additional testing and verification before use.

  • In addition, for all types of work performed by the company’s specialists, warranty and post-warranty service is provided.

Development, creation of spare parts is carried out by employees of the design bureau of the enterprise. It is also possible to create spare parts according to customer drawings or existing analogues.


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