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Tubular shafts, press and calender shafts


Designed for maintaining and tensioning nets and felts of paper or cardboard web in paper, cardboard and drying machines. Depending on the purpose, the tubular rolls are divided into breast, mesh-turning, register, mesh, cloth, paper, accelerating. The tubular shaft consists of a thin-walled steel tube into which cast-iron or steel chucks with steel trunnions are pressed. The outer working surface may be coated with copper, chrome, rubber, epoxy or other material. Bearing housings with a spherical or cylindrical outer diameter are made of cast iron.

Shafts are available for machines with cutting widths from 1680 mm to 4200 mm, with drive speeds up to 1000 m/min. Diameter up to 550 mm. The shafts are dynamically balanced for the required design speed.


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