51400, Dnipropetrovsk region,
building 1/11, Iskrovska Street, Pavlograd
Representative in Bavaria, Germany
+4915156498364 - Yuriy Fesenko
+38 067 6970 700
+38 095 8730 849
+38 067 1081 578

предприятия производство оборудованиеTo the Manager, Technical Director, Chief Engineer, Chief Mechanic and other specialists who are responsible for the stability of the company’s work.

Given the long partnership between our companies.
In view of the crisis situation that has developed both in world markets and in Ukraine in particular. In order to preserve specific technologies, specialists simply survive the crisis.
Please support us by placing an order for any types of work, equipment, structures, assemblies and spare parts necessary for stable, trouble-free and productive operation of your companies. We undertake to carry out work with high quality, on time and with minimal mark-ups, ensuring complete transparency both in the formation of the cost and directly in the execution of orders. By helping each other, we will be able to overcome this period together.
Director of DFMP LLC
O.C. Myropolskyi


Enterprise LLC «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» is the production base of PTK «Vugleprom». For many years, the plant has successfully cooperated with enterprises of various industries:

  • mining;
  • coal;
  • paper;
  • agricultural;
  • cement;
  • and others.

In our production, a large number is carried out high-tech processes aimed at the manufacture, repair, modernization, as well as service and warranty service of various machines, aggregates, as well as their components.

High level of professionalism of employees, modern quality the equipment of shops allows to carry out operations of the following types:

  • various types of metal processing, in particular turning, carousel, milling, drilling, grinding, etc.;
  • welding works of various complexity with any types metals;
  • work on dynamic balancing of shafts for various purposes.

All processes carried out at the enterprise pass a strict level of technological control. In order to obtain quality products, raw materials undergo a specialized stage of research, equipping the laboratory with everything necessary for this process.

The level of qualification of the staff of the DLMZ plant allows for an individual approach to each client, taking into account his real wishes and opportunities with the mandatory observance of deadlines.


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