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Transfer tambours

Our company manufactures transfer tambours with a leveling platform for loading and unloading vehicles at warehouse terminals. Transfer tambours at a right angle and at an angle of 30, 45 °. The hydraulic system is made on European-made components, the lining of the refrigeration vestibule is made of metal structures, painted with polyurethane enamels with a 2-year warranty. Load capacity 6.000 kg. Sheathing – profiled sheet, sealant, elastic special tape. Service life 10 years. The transfer tambour is an excellent…

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Vibration stabilization of welded structures

The company «DFMP» has purchased equipment, mastered the technology and provides services for vibration stabilization of large and medium-sized welded structures weighing up to 12 tons. For oversized structures, a service is provided with the possibility of visiting the Customer.

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Production of an automatic filling plant

The «DFMP» company has mastered and set up the manufacture of an automatic packing plant for loading and weighing vegetable crops and packing them into BIG-BAG bags. The electronics ensures automatic operation of the unit, and also allows you to weigh and set the filling weight.

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Metal milling: features and capabilities

One of the most common metal processing methods is milling. In the process of its application, the excess layer of material is removed by the so-called cutter – a special rotating tool that looks like a drill sharpened at a certain angle or a circular saw of a non-standard shape. Technologically complex milling processing of parts is highly functional, therefore it is currently in demand in aircraft and automotive design, construction and other industrial areas. Features of metal milling For…

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Types and methods of metal processing

Metal processing is a technological process that consists in the physical impact on metals or metal alloys in order to achieve the necessary characteristics, shapes, sizes, physical and mechanical properties. There are different ways to do this. Basic methods of metal processing The most popular metalworking methods are the following: Machining (cutting). Metal pressure treatment Welding Casting. Each of these techniques can be used alone or in combination with each other. More about each of them further. Mechanical (milling) processing…

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Shaft balancing

Car owners are familiar with such a problem as shaft imbalance. We will talk about what causes its occurrence and what methods of elimination exist in this article. Shaft balancing: what is it and when is it needed Depending on the specific part that needs “treatment”, there are crankshaft balancing and cardan shaft balancing. Crankshaft balancing Before considering the concept of balancing crankshafts, let’s start with the features of the device of an internal combustion engine. One of its main…

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International Specialized Exhibition «Engineering. Metallurgy – 2018»

On the initiative of the Zaporozhye Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the support of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, from May 22 to May 24, 2018, the XXVI International Specialized Exhibition of Industrial Solutions was held in Zaporozhye «Engineering. Metallurgy». The venue for one of the largest specialized exhibitions in Ukraine was the largest exhibition center in the south-eastern part of Ukraine «Kozak Palace». The business program of the event was attended by representatives of industrial…

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Repair of industrial equipment

Do you want to extend the life of the equipment used in a particular industry? This will help you with high-quality and timely repair of industrial equipment. Where to order it in Ukraine? At the enterprise «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant», which provides professional services for the repair of various types of equipment. Prevention and repair of industrial equipment: why and when is it better to carry out? Maintenance and repair of industrial equipment is a guarantee that equipment in…

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Repair of imported equipment and import substitution of spare parts

When it comes to repairing imported equipment and buying spare parts for it, the first reaction of the owners of industrial machines and machine tools in Ukraine is «It’s so expensive!». Indeed, the cost of spare parts produced outside our country is steadily growing, so the purchase of new parts abroad entails consistently high costs. And there is no getting away from this, because the breakdown of important components leads to a halt in the entire production process. Is there…

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International Specialized Exhibition of Industrial Equipment, Metalworking, Casting and Energy October 10-12 Dnipro, Lavina

According to the established autumn tradition, from October 10 to October 12, 2018 on the territory of the amusement park «Lavina» in the city of Dnipro, the annual International specialized exhibition of industrial equipment, metalworking, casting and energy (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition) was held. It was not by chance that Dnipro was chosen as the venue for the event, because the region is the largest in terms of sales of products in our country. As part of the…

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