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Reloading tambours from the manufacturer

For the efficient movement of goods in warehouses and industries, to ensure comfortable working conditions and maintain the temperature regime, transfer tambours are needed. They help protect goods and create an optimal indoor climate.

Production of «DFMP» LLC

Reloading tambours with a comparative platform

LLC «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» manufactures transshipment tambours with a leveling platform. These structures connect a shop or warehouse terminal with a vehicle for loading/unloading goods.

The load capacity is 6000 kg, and the service life of the products is 10 years.

You can order systems adjacent to the building at a right angle, as well as at an angle of 30° and 45° for cases when it is not possible to install a direct gateway. This allows you to tightly connect the unloading area and the car, protect the cargo from bad weather and provide more convenient and faster unloading/loading.


Equipment for warehouse terminals

The Overloading Tambour is a prefabricated construction, therefore, installation is carried out without welding, which saves time.

This design provides better thermal insulation, helps to maintain the air temperature in the room, save on heating, because it is not necessary to install additional heating devices.

Construction elements:

  • tambour;
  • leveling platform;
  • hole sealer.

Order a transshipment vestibule at DFMP

Constructions are necessary where there is no free space in the warehouse, it is necessary to use the warehouse space as much as possible, to observe certain conditions for storing goods.

Overloading tambours manufactured by DFMP are a well-thought-out design, materials resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage, simple installation, long service life. High-quality durable components guarantee the product’s stability under any load, and the corrugated board covering provides protection of the premises, cargo and workers from adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, gusts of wind, and also reduces the noise level during loading and unloading operations.

To get advice and order transshipment tambours , call us or leave a request on the website for a call back.

Advantages of using overloading tambours


  • installation on any object;
  • convenient loading and unloading of goods;
  • protection of goods and workers from precipitation, dust, cold wind and low temperatures;
  • maintaining a favorable indoor microclimate;
  • rational use of the warehouse;
  • saving space in the workshop or warehouse;
  • maintaining the necessary temperature levels;
  • quick installation of the tambour;
  • comfortable work process.


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is warehouse terminal equipment?

A warehouse terminal is an intermediate point where goods are loaded into a vehicle or products are unloaded from a car into a warehouse. To simplify this process and protect cargo from adverse weather conditions, special equipment is used, in particular transshipment vestibules, which are installed outside the building and allow quick and carry out loading and unloading operations safely.

What are the transshipment tambours?

Transfer tambours differ in design features and installation angle. Products are a metal structure with a roof and walls. The frame can be sheathed with sandwich panels or corrugated board, or it can be completely without sheathing. The technical characteristics of the vestibule and the features of operation depend on the materials used.
Structures can be installed at angles of 35, 45, 60 or 90°.

Why is a transshipment vestibule needed?

The design allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the room, maintain the microclimate, protect goods from adverse environmental factors and improve thermal insulation. This is especially important when transporting goods with high temperature requirements. In addition, the outdoor installation of the vestibule helps to save the area of ​​​​the warehouse or workshop, which makes it possible to use the space more rationally.

In what cases are transshipment tambours used?

Structures are installed:

  • when building a new warehouse;
  • to optimize workflows in factories where there are no dock levelers;
  • in warehouse-refrigerators.

In general, they are needed where it is necessary to protect the cargo from rain, snow and frost during loading and unloading, it is necessary to use the warehouse to the maximum, it is impossible to park vehicles perpendicular to the building.

Which transfer tambour is the best?

The best solution would be a vestibule that meets the needs, fits the parameters of the building and simplifies loading and unloading.
When ordering a transfer tambour, it is necessary to take into account its carrying capacity, design features (type of sheathing) and what dimensions the cars will drive up to the warehouse or manufacturing plant, whether perpendicular parking is possible.

How to order equipment for warehouse terminals?

To buy a transfer tambour manufactured by DLMZ LLC, visit our plant in Pavlograd and discuss all the details with managers, contact us by phone or fill out the form on the website for a call back.

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