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Representative in Bavaria, Germany
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Construction development and design

Development of design and technical documentation

The company develops design documentation for equipment, which is the initial process, thanks to which the creation and manufacture of any kind of products takes place, which require compliance with a number of standards and requirements. Design documentation is a set of documents, such as drawings and specifications, which describe the equipment or a separate product. Thanks to competently developed documentation, complete information about the product is provided:       its structure; overall dimensions; methods of creation; necessary materials;…

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Design of new products

The professional capabilities of the plant’s specialists, the equipment of the enterprise, as well as the presence of relevant departments allow us to engage in design development and design of new products at a high level. This line of work has several important stages: development of the basic concept; collection of relevant information; analysis of the main requirements and wishes of the customer; research market; risk analysis; drawing up an estimate; preparation of relevant documentation; production of products; testing. One…

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Modernization of equipment

Thanks to the professional level of qualification of the higher engineering and design staff at the plant, the design, development and modernization of equipment of any complexity are carried out. The process of improving the equipment as a whole or its individual parts is ensured thanks to the following stages of work: formation of technical tasks; equipment testing; preparation of the modernization project; design development; preparation of technical documentation; drawing up an estimate; technical work on replacement or installation of…

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Development of the project of reconstruction and conversion of the enterprise

Thanks to the high-quality equipment of our company and the staff of professional engineers, the factory carries out engineering development and design of various enterprises. This type of work involves the reconstruction and conversion of the enterprise and various industrial plants of different levels. Conversion is repurposing, that is, a change in the type of activity, in particular, a change in the range of products.       All design and project works on conversion and reconstruction are carried out…

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