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Repair of imported equipment and import substitution of spare parts

Repair of imported equipment

When it comes to repairing imported equipment and buying spare parts for it, the first reaction of the owners of industrial machines and machine tools in Ukraine is «It’s so expensive!». Indeed, the cost of spare parts produced outside our country is steadily growing, so the purchase of new parts abroad entails consistently high costs. And there is no getting away from this, because the breakdown of important components leads to a halt in the entire production process. Is there really no other way to solve an unexpected problem?

Import substitution as an effective way to reduce transaction costs

Answer – there is an alternative! Recently, such a service as import substitution of spare parts in the industry is gaining more and more popularity. The use of non-standard devices and mechanisms with maximum productivity in various industries allows you to refuse to purchase imported goods. This reduces the cost of finished products and increases its competitiveness in the market. This is exactly what many companies are striving for, especially in the mining industry, where the wear and tear of machines and machine tools is increasing due to an increase in the volume of extraction and processing of raw materials.

Of the main advantages of import substitution, the following three are worth noting:

  1. Exclusion of long equipment downtime. Develop, manufacture and install new parts from a Ukrainian manufacturer much faster than ordering them abroad.
  2. Getting rid of solid expenses for the purchase of foreign mechanisms and parts. The company does not have to spend a significant part of the costs on paying for expensive equipment and foreign-made spare parts.
  3. Modernization of equipment. By introducing new solutions in production, it is possible to improve the equipment used in the work.

DFMP is the leading import equipment repair company in the region

In the central region of Ukraine, services for the repair of imported equipment can be ordered at the enterprise «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant». In addition to providing a high-level repair service, our experienced specialists are engaged in the manufacture of spare parts and parts for imported equipment for production workshops of companies belonging to various industries: mining, coal, cement, paper, agriculture, etc.

Import substitution is a complex process that consists of mandatory successive stages. So, based on DFMP:

  • Diagnosis and analysis of failed equipment is in progress.
  • The causes of the breakdown are identified.
  • Relevant documentation is being developed.
  • A part, a spare part is being manufactured.
  • Parts are upgraded if necessary.
  • The installation on the equipment and its subsequent testing is in progress.

In terms of quality, the equipment and spare parts produced by DFMP are not inferior to imported analogues, but at the same time they are cheaper. Our regular customers have already managed to appreciate the tangible benefits of a rational approach to solving the problems of import substitution. We suggest you do the same!




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