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Foundry workshop

Manufacture of iron and steel castings according to customer drawings

Interested in steel and cast iron on order according to individual drawings? «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» produces a wide range of steel castings and iron castings of various configurations according to customer drawings using modern technologies. Our iron foundry works with different grades of carbon and low alloy steel and cast iron used in various industries: machine tool building; mechanical engineering; agricultural complex; construction; and so on. The casting manufacturing process takes place in the shortest possible time in…

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Spare parts manufacturing

Need to make parts (Ukraine) guaranteed and on time?  «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» specializes in working with different types of metals. One of the main directions of the company’s work is the manufacture of spare parts of any complexity for various industries using casting technology and without it. Many years of experience allows us to create spare parts according to individual drawings of the customer of any level of complexity and in any quantity.Separately, you can order the development…

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Casting for automotive, construction, etc.

The enterprise carries out steel and iron casting of parts for the automotive industry, construction and other sectors of the industrial complex. The plant’s products are distinguished by a high level of quality, impact resistance, exceptional heat resistance, and high optical properties. Specialists with a high level of qualification carry out constant production control, which covers all stages of casting from the creation of technical documentation to the direct creation of the product. Casting from iron and steel, performed at…

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Cast iron and steel is one of the main directions of production of the enterprise «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant». Many years of experience in this area of ​​heavy industry, highly qualified specialists and modern equipment allow us to produce parts of any complexity.

The process of casting steel and cast iron is the pouring of molten metal or its mixtures into molds of the desired configuration and its subsequent solidification. After cooling, each resulting workpiece undergoes the necessary processing on milling and grinding machines.

The enterprise carries out the process of steel and iron casting literally at all stages – from the creation of technical documentation to the creation of the product itself.

LLC «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» carries out individual casting according to the drawings of the customer, and also offers the opportunity to develop drawings on your own.


Each customer can be 100% sure that the part according to his drawing will be made with the highest precision from high-quality raw materials that meet all the necessary standards and requirements. Customers who do not have a drawing can entrust its development to the professionals of our engineering department. Profile specialists will not only develop a drawing, but also prepare all the other technical documentation that is needed for the manufacture of parts by casting iron or steel.

The company fulfills one-time, permanent (serial) and wholesale orders in any quantity and any level of complexity in the shortest possible time.

Steel production LLC «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant»

The manufacture of spare parts, parts and other parts of mechanisms through steel casting is in great demand. This is due to the following advantages of steelmaking:

  • makes it possible to manufacture parts of any configuration;
  • allows you to create elements of almost any size and volume;
  • allows you to get finished products in the shortest possible time;
  • the resulting parts have the highest strength and reliability.

The main direction of the steel production of Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant LLC is the manufacture of spare parts for various industries. In particular, cast steel products are widely used in:

  • construction;
  • car building;
  • instrument making;
  • agro-industry;
  • and other industries.

The basis of our steel and iron foundry production is the highest quality of raw materials

The foundry of the enterprise uses only high-quality raw materials that fully comply with standards and requirements. We work with various brands:

  • carbon steel;
  • low alloy steel;
  • cast iron.

The process of manufacturing castings in our production involves three mandatory steps:

  1. Making a mold. At the preparatory stage, a special molding equipment is created for each product according to pre-designed drawings.
  2. Cast iron and steel. At this stage, the metal or its mixtures, heated to a liquid state, are directly poured into the mold.
  3. Processing of the received workpiece. The final stage implies mandatory mechanical (holting, grinding, scraping) and / or thermal (hardening, tempering) processing of cast iron and steel blanks.

Why should you order steel and cast iron castings from Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant LLC?

Because working with us gives you the following benefits:

  • full production cycle – from the preparation of technical documentation and the development of drawings to the processing of the finished product;
  • any series – you can order steel and cast iron castings for one part or a whole series in the quantity you need;
  • individual casting according to your drawings – at the request of the customer, we prepare molds and perform casting according to his drawings;
  • highest quality product – we understand that the operation of your equipment or the whole production depends on these details, therefore we take a responsible attitude to the quality of work and raw materials;
  • high speed – modern ultra-precise foundry equipment allows to produce even the most complex orders in the shortest possible time;
  • finished product warranty – each unit of products manufactured by us receives a quality guarantee;
  • production of spare parts according to analogues of foreign manufacturers – you get an exact copy of a foreign counterpart, regardless of its configuration.

Each client cooperating with DFMP LLC receives reliable, high-quality, impact-resistant parts with a high degree of thermal conductivity, which provides them with the longest possible service life.

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