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Manufacture of iron and steel castings according to customer drawings

Manufacture iron steel castings according customer drawings

Interested in steel and cast iron on order according to individual drawings? «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» produces a wide range of steel castings and iron castings of various configurations according to customer drawings using modern technologies.

Our iron foundry works with different grades of carbon and low alloy steel and cast iron used in various industries:

  • machine tool building;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • agricultural complex;
  • construction;
  • and so on.

The casting manufacturing process takes place in the shortest possible time in any volume.

What types of castings can be ordered from us?

The plant accepts orders for steel and iron casting (Ukraine), from which products such as:

  • body parts (cases of hydroblocks, gearboxes, pumps, valves, etc.);
  • details of sliding support units (bushings, bearing housings, guide rails, liners, sliding disks, etc.);
  • spare parts for boiler and furnace equipment (doors, grates, etc.);
  • spare parts for valves (crane bodies, bends, etc.);
  • spare parts for caterpillar vehicles (caterpillar links, inserts and bushings, etc.);
  • spare parts for mortar mixers (blades, armors, scrapers, linings, etc.);

Precision steel casting allows you to get castings weighing from a few grams with exact dimensions, regardless of the method of casting. Large steel casting weighs up to several tens of tons. The price of factory casting is calculated per kilogram and depends on the steel grade, the volume and cost of the order, and the design features of the product.

Also, in the workshops of DFMP, the production of demanded products from wear-resistant cast iron according to customer drawings has been established. Cast iron, price which is negotiated on an individual basis and also depends on the brand of material and the complexity of the order, corresponds to state standard.

Thin and large steel casting (Dnepr) it is made from ordinary and high-alloy steel grades. The production process takes into account the fact that steel casting and cast iron have differences, since steel differs in its properties from cast iron: it has a large linear shrinkage and a tendency to segregation, worse fluidity.

Casting to order is made from different types of cast iron and steel under laboratory control with the participation of qualified employees using modern technologies. The resulting finished products fully comply with quality standards and customer requirements.

The process of manufacturing cast iron and steel castings according to drawings

First of all, you provide the nomenclature, drawings, models (samples) of parts that you need to get in the end.

At the stage of direct production, cast iron and steel undergo heat treatment in thermal and heating furnaces. Then the metals are smelted in electric arc furnaces, after which they are subjected to out-of-furnace processing. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to obtain castings whose quality level is not inferior to world standards.

To order cast iron casting (Dnepr) according to the provided drawings, fill out an application on our website or contact us at the phone numbers listed on the page.


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