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Mechanical assembly

Plasma sharp NSC

The company carries out plasma cutting with NSC of various metals. This type of metal cutting is the most effective and economically advantageous way of cutting. Plasma cutting does not involve the use of gas cylinders, which are explosive, bulky and expensive. This type of machine, which performs the above-mentioned works, is equipped with the function of Numerical Software Control (NSC), which corresponds to a high level of the most modern equipment. The presented method of metal processing is able…

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Welding works

One of the main technological tasks of «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» is welding, which is carried out with the help of high-quality equipment. The price of welding works will satisfy you. The welding process is one of the necessary types of metal processing in most cases. The following types of welding work are carried out at our production:     Electric arc using a special arc as a heat source. Contact, during which the product is simultaneously heated to…

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Turning processing of parts and shafts

«Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» provides services for turning parts and shafts. The technology allows you to remove the extra layer from the metal product and give it the required shape and size. Thanks to modern and reliable equipment, as well as the qualifications of the employees, our company produces strong and durable products of high quality. DFMP specialists carry out work according to the customer’s drawings and designs, and also develop projects themselves, taking into account the client’s requirements….

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Processing on vertical, horizontal and longitudinal milling machines

One of the types of locksmith work of the mechanical assembly shop is processing on metal milling machines, which is mechanical processing with a special cutting device – a milling cutter, which performs rotational movements, and the workpiece that goes under the milling cutter is reciprocating. Types of milling machines used: vertical; horizontal; longitudinal. For metal processing on vertical milling machines, depending on the spatial arrangement of the surface to be processed, longitudinal or transverse feed is used using end-mounted…

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Processing on vertical and radial drilling machines

At the enterprise, processing is carried out on drilling machines of such types as vertical and radial. The work of radial drilling machines is aimed at processing blanks weighing twenty kilograms or more, i.e. blanks with large overall dimensions and heavy weight. The convenience of using this machine is due to the possibility of moving the spindle on the equipment relative to the part that is in a stationary position and installed on a plate or table.   This type…

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Turning-carousel metalworking

To work with heavy parts that have a large diameter, but at the same time a small height, the company performs such a type of work as turning-carousel metalworking on lathes, which are rightfully considered much more efficient than face lathes. A wide variety of work is performed with the help of these machines: drilling central holes; grinding; milling; treatment of spherical surfaces; cutting and honing ring grooves, etc. The advantages of carousel processing are a high level of machine…

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Sandblasting and painting of metal products

To clean products made of metal from various types of pollution and rust, the company uses sandblasting of metal, which in turn is a mandatory condition before further painting. The special device that performs these works, called sandblasting, is based on cold abrasive processing. In order to increase the quality of adhesion of the painting material to the metal surface, this device not only cleans it, but also roughens it due to the pressure of the compressed air flow and…

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Dynamic balancing of shafts

The plant carries out such work as shaft balancing, which is the process of balancing them. The need for balancing arises when there is a discrepancy between the axes of rotation, which leads to wear of parts, vibration of the engine and its absorption of useful energy, which should be directed to work. Dynamic balancing of shafts helps to solve this problem. The main causes of vibration are the following factors: weak fasteners at the nodes; poor shaft alignment; damage…

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Grinding of parts on flat and circular grinding machines

The plant carries out such work as grinding parts on flat and circular grinding machines, which is one of the types of metal processing. The advantages of grinding parts are the possibility of changing modes during direct work, i.e. reducing the thickness of the metal layer that is removed, as well as the simplicity and convenience of setting up the equipment. The end surface of the wheel or its periphery is used for processing parts on flat grinding machines. Designed…

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Repair and modernization of various equipment

Repair and modernization of various equipment, as well as equipment renewal, are one of the cost-effective ways to increase the industrial turnover of enterprises in various industries, such as: agricultural; cement; construction; woodworking; paper; machine building; and so on. In the process of modernization, the aggregate is equipped with modern control elements, new fitments and mechanisms, which increases its level of reliability with a reduction in repair measures. A necessary condition for the technical and economic development of the enterprise…

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Metalworking is a complex technological process that involves changing the shapes and sizes of various alloys and metals. Metalworking is necessary in order to obtain durable and reliable products, from small metal parts to huge structures. At the «Dnipropetrovsk foundry and machine-building plant» modern equipment is used, which allows you to carry out any operations, including various types of metalworking. If you place an order with us, you will receive high-quality and durable products, as we ensure compliance with all…

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The production enterprise «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» offers its clients all the opportunities that a mechanical assembly shop of heavy machine-building opens.

Using the services of our shop, you can get the parts you need, processed on specialized machines. Or repair both individual parts and components of your equipment, as well as the entire equipment as a whole.


In particular, the equipment of the mechanical assembly shop allows for various types of metalworking. The following types of metalworking work are meant:

  • turning;
  • milling;
  • drilling;
  • welding and many others.

Our workshop also repairs and modernizes equipment of various types and purposes for various fields of activity:

  • agricultural;
  • machine building;
  • woodworking, etc.

Using the technical capabilities of the shop, the equipment installed in it, as well as the qualifications of the plant’s specialists allows us to modernize any machines, equip them with the latest developments that increase the rationality and efficiency of production processes.

Other types of work that the mechanical assembly shop of the «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» can perform are described in more detail below.

Metalworking on machines of various kinds and types

The equipment of the mechanical assembly shop allows turning of parts and shafts. For this, modern machines are used, with the help of which an unnecessary layer of metal is removed from the blanks of parts and shafts. Innovative machines allow to achieve the highest possible accuracy of processing according to various established parameters:

  • sizes;
  • indicator of roughness;
  • coexistence, etc.

In the «arsenal» of the company there are also vertical, longitudinal and horizontal milling machines, on which the appropriate processing of metal products for various purposes is carried out. For example, here you can perform milling of grooves, gear wheels and much more.

The mechanical assembly shop of our enterprise is also equipped with vertical drilling and radial drilling machines. They are necessary for processing especially large parts and blanks. The machines are easy to use, accurate and productive. One can simultaneously drill several holes in one workpiece, even if such holes will be located very far from each other.

Another type of processing, which can be carried out by the mechanical assembly shop of heavy engineering, is turning-carousel metal processing. It is necessary when you need to process too heavy parts with a large diameter. Such machines are designed to perform various types of work:

  • grinding;
  • milling;
  • drilling;
  • trimming and cutting;
  • and more.

The machines provide optimal accuracy, and in themselves are quite reliable and productive.

Machine tools with numerical software control

The mechanical assembly shop of the Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant is equipped with numerically controlled machines that perform plasma cutting.

Plasma cutting of metal is rightfully considered the most efficient, rational and economically beneficial. Gas cylinders are not used in its implementation, which makes the cutting process cheaper and safer.

Numerical software guarantees high precision of metal cutting – for example, sheet or flat parts.

Welding work is an important process in the production or repair of equipment

Among other tasks that are solved during the production or repair of various types of equipment, it is worth highlighting welding works. They can also be carried out in our workshop – it has everything necessary for high-quality welding. We use only modern equipment. Among the various welding works carried out in workshops of our plant, it is worth highlighting:

  • electric arc welding;
  • contact welding;
  • argon-arc welding and some others.

What type of welding to choose, our experts determine depending on what kind of equipment is manufactured or repaired, what type of metal is used in it. Some other aspects are also taken into account – for example, the load that the equipment will withstand in the future.

Other types of work that can be performed by the mechanical assembly shop

The production enterprise «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» is a workshop equipped with all the necessary mechanical assembly works. Among other types of services provided by our enterprise, we can highlight sandblasting and painting of metal products.

If you need to perform grinding of parts, our workshop is again at your service – we have circular grinding and flat grinding machines that provide high-quality processing of various types of metals. Such equipment has the following characteristics:

  • changing the operating mode directly during grinding;
  • ease of setting up machines;
  • high quality of all grinding works.

Special attention is paid to such a direction as dynamic balancing of shafts. This operation is performed only if the axes of rotation do not coincide – it is important to eliminate the problem in order to avoid premature wear of other parts, engine vibration and other troubles.

The mechanical assembly shop of the machine-building plant «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» is high-quality services, modern equipment and qualified personnel.

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