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Sandblasting and painting of metal products

Sandblasting and painting of metal productsTo clean products made of metal from various types of pollution and rust, the company uses sandblasting of metal, which in turn is a mandatory condition before further painting.

The special device that performs these works, called sandblasting, is based on cold abrasive processing.

In order to increase the quality of adhesion of the painting material to the metal surface, this device not only cleans it, but also roughens it due to the pressure of the compressed air flow and the acceleration of abrasive particles that damage the upper layer.

  • This type of pre-treatment of surfaces before painting metal products is one of the most effective in industrial enterprises.

In order to prevent the destruction of metal and the impact of temperature and humidity changes on it, which lead to the formation of corrosion, the company carries out high-quality painting of manufactured products in compliance with all technological standards.



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