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Plasma sharp NSC

The company Plasma sharp NSCcarries out plasma cutting with NSC of various metals.

This type of metal cutting is the most effective and economically advantageous way of cutting.

Plasma cutting does not involve the use of gas cylinders, which are explosive, bulky and expensive.

This type of machine, which performs the above-mentioned works, is equipped with the function of Numerical Software Control (NSC), which corresponds to a high level of the most modern equipment.

The presented method of metal processing is able to ensure high accuracy of the cut of raw materials, it is used both for cutting sheet type and flat parts of various complexity.

The plasma cutting method is widely used for working with blacksmiths, designer and artistic products.

It is used for cutting non-ferrous, ferrous, and alloyed metals.

Advantages of plasma metal cutting:

  • high speed;
  • minimal metal deformation;
  • low level of environmental pollution;
  • low cost;
  • optimal quality indicators.


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