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Metalworking is a complex technological process that involves changing the shapes and sizes of various alloys and metals. Metalworking is necessary in order to obtain durable and reliable products, from small metal parts to huge structures. At the «Dnipropetrovsk foundry and machine-building plant» modern equipment is used, which allows you to carry out any operations, including various types of metalworking. If you place an order with us, you will receive high-quality and durable products, as we ensure compliance with all standards and requirements during production. You can order the service by phone, on the website, or at our plant in Pavlograd.

What methods of metal processing are used by DFMP?

  • Pressure treatment. The method is used in order to give the parts the required shape. The integrity of the blanks is not violated, therefore the loss of material will be minimal. The method involves such types of work as pressing, grinding, stamping, rolling, etc.
  • Casting is the process of pouring molten metal into a mold. After the material cools, the finished product is removed from the mold. This method uses metals such as cast iron, tin, copper, aluminum, and zinc. Melting takes place in furnaces of various designs and sizes and under the influence of different temperatures – depending on the type of material and the result to be achieved.
  • Welding is one of the most common technologies aimed at joining parts. Metal parts are joined at the molecular and atomic level using manual or automatic welding.
  • Mechanical processing. Products are processed using cutting tools. The top layer is removed from the workpiece to give the product the required shape.

Metalworking is one of the main areas of activity of DFMP. The materials used in the work undergo strict quality control. As a result, you get ready-made parts of various complexity, shapes and sizes.

In order to achieve better results, various types of metal processing are carried out at the plant: turning, milling, drilling, grinding, etc.

Metalworking DFMP: types of work

1.Turning processing

It is carried out on special machines using a cutter or a drill. The technology involves cutting the upper layers of metal and giving the product the required shape. Turning allows to:

  • drill holes;
  • cut the thread;
  • cut off parts of the blanks;
  • grind grooves;
  • remove defects after casting.

Thanks to turning metal processing, it is possible to produce various bolts, bushings, couplings, nuts, gears, etc.

2. Milling metal processing

One of the types of mechanical processing. The essence of the technology is to remove excess material from the part and give it the required shape with the help of a cutting tool – a milling cutter. Thanks to this processing, you can make complex products of unusual shape.

The equipment for milling can have different types of cutters (depending on the task and the part). The machines are horizontal and vertical (according to the location of the cutter), as well as universal (that is, the spindle can be turned from one position to another). A machine is also used for such work NSC.

The order of work depends on the number of parts to be manufactured. If the order is small, milling works can be carried out on one universal machine, and in the case of serial production, several machines are needed, both horizontal and vertical. A conveyor is installed between them to speed up the movement of parts.

3. Carousel processing

Allows you to produce high-quality and durable parts of any complexity. Works that can be performed:

  • to turn different areas of products;
  • cut the ends of parts;
  • drill holes;
  • to form ring-type grooves on the parts;
  • process inclined surfaces;
  • to countersink blanks of cylindrical and conical configuration, etc.

4. Drilling processing

Convenient for working with metal, which is a solid canvas. Thanks to the tool with a drill, you can get through and blind holes of various diameters.

According to the type of metal and the type of operation, different drills are used: spiral, center, deep drilling with carbide plates.

5. Grinding processing

This is a technology that allows you to remove unevenness and roughness from the metal surface with the help of abrasive tools (grinding wheel). Thanks to grinding and polishing, products can be given the desired shape.

Abrasives, which are used for such work, are coarse- and fine-crystalline. Each of them is selected depending on the level of smoothness to be achieved.

6. Welding Works

Welding is the most common and most effective way of joining metal parts. There are the following types of welding machines:

  • thermal – with the help of thermal energy (gas welding, arc welding, laser welding, etc.);
  • mechanical – through the influence of mechanical energy (explosion, ultrasound, cold welding);
  • thermomechanical – with the help of thermal energy and pressure (forging, contact, diffusion, etc.).

After welding, it is necessary:

  • clean the areas around the seam;
  • align seams, get rid of defects;
  • grind to a uniform surface;
  • polish.

DFMP specialists perform various types of welding, and in their work they comply with all requirements, norms and standards. As a result, you will receive strong parts with neat and inconspicuous seams.

Existing types of metalworking are aimed at achieving the main principle – reliability and durability of products. Therefore, all services at our plant are provided only by highly qualified and experienced workers.

The specialists of «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» work with the customer’s projects and drawings, and can also independently develop equipment and various types of products in accordance with the client’s requirements. From us, you can order the necessary part in a single quantity or arrange serial production. For consultation, call on the indicated phones or leave a request on the website. If you want to see how we work, we are waiting for you at our enterprise in Pavlograd.


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