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Dynamic balancing of shafts

Dynamic Balancing of ShaftsThe plant carries out such work as shaft balancing, which is the process of balancing them. The need for balancing arises when there is a discrepancy between the axes of rotation, which leads to wear of parts, vibration of the engine and its absorption of useful energy, which should be directed to work. Dynamic balancing of shafts helps to solve this problem.

The main causes of vibration are the following factors:

  • weak fasteners at the nodes;
  • poor shaft alignment;
  • damage to couplings;
  • bearing failure;
  • deformation of shafts;
  • etc.

One of the types of vibration elimination is dynamic balancing, thanks to which additional load is reduced, and therefore energy consumption, the service life of machines increases from twenty-five to one hundred percent.

The company’s specialists carry out an individual approach to each individual problem related to balancing, conduct an external inspection, study the mechanisms, then identify and eliminate the causes of the appearance of vibrations.


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