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Hole sealer

An opening shelter or dock shelter is equipment that is used to maintain optimal temperatures at loading and unloading points in a warehouse or production facility, to protect cargo from precipitation and other environmental factors. This is especially true for the movement of frozen food, food and goods that are afraid of moisture.

Dock shelters are a structure made of aluminum and PVC and consisting of several elements combined into one system. They provide sealing of the opening during receiving and loading by eliminating the gaps between the vehicle and the storage area.

The product wraps around the car body along the perimeter, thanks to which transport and the warehouse are isolated from adverse weather conditions. Thus, the goods and workers are protected from snow, rain, dust, drafts and temperature changes.

Why do we need an opening shelter:

  • maintaining the optimal air temperature in a warehouse or enterprise;
  • heat savings;
  • cargo safety;
  • ensure better working conditions.

The products are well thought out and easy to install. They are distinguished by strength, reliability, corrosion resistance and high maintainability.

The opening shelter, the price of which depends on its size and design features, will make loading and unloading goods more convenient, ensure the safety of goods with special storage requirements.

LLC «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» offers transfer tambours and shelters made of quality materials in compliance with established standards. You get products with a long service life that can withstand heavy loads and simplify the workflow in warehouses, loading terminals and production halls.

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