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Leveling platforms

Dock leveler or leveling platform is one of the main elements of the loading platform, which allows you to remove the height difference and block the space between the loading ramp and the car. That is, it is a kind of bridge that provides fast and convenient loading / unloading of goods.

The dock leveler not only connects the transport to the loading area, but also allows the arrival of special equipment to minimize manual labor when performing loading and unloading operations.

LLC «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» manufactures transfer tambours with a leveling platform. Products meet European standards, they are stable, reliable and safe, have a long service life, withstand heavy loads.

The advantages of the leveling platform:

  • convenient use;
  • strength and protection against mechanical damage;
  • fast loading and unloading of goods;
  • versatility – suitable for any conditions and different objects;
  • high exploitation.

Leveling platforms have a simple design, so they are quickly and easily installed. They are in demand in warehouses, large cargo terminals and manufacturing plants.

There are such types of dock levelers:

  • with a rotary lip – the platform is raised to a certain height thanks to an automatic system, and the lip is discarded;
  • with a retractable ramp – the working mechanism provides for a horizontally retractable platform, which slides into place after work is completed;
  • segmented lip – several platforms fold down here at once to adjust to the width of the truck floor.

LLC DFMP manufactures transfer tambours with a leveling platform of any type and size – according to the tasks of the customer. The production uses high-quality durable materials and European components, so you get reliable, durable structures that simplify loading and unloading.

You can order a transshipment vestibule in person or by phone. To obtain detailed information and agree on the details of the order, call us by phone, fill out the callback form on the website or visit our factory.




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