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Augers, elevator buckets, HARDOX450-600 armor lining

izgotovlenie-shnekovogo-pressaThe level of industrial equipment of the enterprise and the qualifications of personnel allow the manufacture of a screw press and such a range of products for the cement industry as:


  • Screw conveyors or augers, consisting of a cylindrical body in which a steel screw with a sectional structure is installed. It has stiffening ribs and a gutter shape. It is applied to transportation of bulk waste. The advantage of this equipment is simplicity and compactness.


  • To move loads at an angle or vertically to a height of up to forty-five meters, elevator buckets are produced. This equipment consists of a conveyor belt (two chains) of a plastic type, with the help of which the buckets, the lower and upper drums, as well as the loading pipe and the unloading chute are moved. The operation of this device is based on the action of centrifugal force and gravity.

Production of screw presses from DFMP

The process of cladding with armor made of high-grade HARDOX 450-600 steel, which is distinguished by a high hardness index and, consequently, wear resistance, has been established at the enterprise. Products lined with this type of metal can withstand quite large loads and increase their technical characteristics. The material is resistant to various kinds of cracks, dents and other mechanical influences.


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