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Caps of Drying Parts of Paper and Cardboard Machines

Drying hoods are used for the organized removal of the steam-air mixture from the drying section, intensification of the drying process of the paper web, reduction of heat energy consumption, and prevention of hot, moisture-saturated air spreading around the hall.

Contents of delivery: 

  • cap frame: made of carbon steel, coated with a special protective layer;
  • a set of shields: ceiling, end, stationary front side, stationary drive side, lifting front side sight glasses and sliding drive and front sides;
  • mechanism for lifting the shields of the front side of the cap;
  • walkways for servicing the shield lifting mechanism;
  • ceiling binder with dampers, which serve to control the amount of steam-air mixture removed from the front and drive sides in order to ensure uniform dryness of the paper web along the width of the machine;
  • valves that regulate the amount of the removed vapor-air mixture, the amount and size of which are taken based on the required air exchange;
  • electrical equipment complete with control equipment for lifting mechanisms and low-voltage lighting of the drying section under the hood.

Design features: 

  • Individual project taking into account the design of the building in which the machine is located and ventilation systems with the calculation of parameters.
  • Manufacture of a cap frame in various designs using long products or rectangular pipes.
  • Covering steel frame structures with corrosion- and temperature-resistant enamel. Shields with a thickness of 40 to 80 mm, based on the calculation of thermal conductivity using basalt insulation, non-combustible, with almost zero hygroscopicity. . Complete tightness of the fixed joints of the cladding due to the use of special silicone seals and increased tightness of movable joints. Special winch for lifting shields with soft start and braking, with lift height control shield through the number of revolutions of the winch drum.
  • Accelerated assembly and dismantling of the hood due to the use of original casing fastening elements. 



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