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Conveyor transport aspiration systems

sistemy-aspiracii-transportaThe company has extensive experience in the production of equipment for the cement industry, one of the types of which are aspiration systems for conveyor transport.

This type of product is designed to eliminate dust from conveyors of various types.

During the movement of bulk materials such as limestone, a large amount of dust is generated. The formation of fine particles in the air negatively affects the following factors:

  • the physical condition of the personnel, in particular the respiratory system;
  • environment;
  • equipment efficiency (life).

Aspiration systems for conveyor transport from DFMP

The main feature of this equipment is that aspiration systems are able to reduce emissions of dust or other fine particles by several times.

Removal of cement, sand and limestone dust is one of the important criteria for creating an optimal microclimate at the enterprise.

Capturing fine particles in the air is not only an effective cleaning method, but also one of the methods for the rational use of raw materials.

For example, in the production of building materials, about 30% of the total mass hangs during unloading in the air. The aspiration unit avoids waste and captures suspended particles, returning them to the production process.

For production where bulk raw materials are used, aspiration plants are necessary to save production and clean the air.


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