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Drum soap refrigeration

Drum soap refrigerationAnother type of non-standard equipment for various industries, which is produced at the enterprise, is a soap-cooling drum, which is an integral part of the solid soap production line.

This segment of production carries out tempering, that is, cooling and processing of soap chips.

The principle of operation of the drum is the cooling of a liquid soap base with its further transformation into shavings.

The basis of the soap-cooling drum is a solid metal frame, which is one of the parts of the dryer frame.

The drum is started due to the operation of the electric motor, using a V-belt transmission to the flywheel pulley, with a disc clutch located in it.

Maintenance of this equipment is carried out using platforms and stairs specially installed for this purpose.


  • capacity: 1-1.2 tons per hour;
  • drum speed: 18 rpm;
  • Adjustment roller speed: 2.2 rpm.


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