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Grid part, double-grid console table, single-grid console table

Grid part

The mesh part of the paper machine is designed to remove water from the paper pulp. The mass flows out of the headbox onto a longitudinal endless mesh, where it is dehydrated, the basis of which is the filtration of water through the mesh and a layer of settled fibers. 

The endless mesh is stretched in the area from the breast shaft on the side of the headbox to the suction shaft (couch shaft) and the mesh-carrying shaft on the other side. Between the chest and couch-shaft there are dehydrating elements, on which hydroplanks made of plastic or ceramic are fixed. A layer of paper mass moves along the hydroplanks, transported by an endless grid, and upon contact, the mass is gradually dehydrated.

The paper machine endless wire at the bottom of the wire table is moved, adjusted and tensioned by a series of rollers. A grid travel regulator is installed here so that it does not go beyond the axis of the machine. Next, manual or automatic mesh tensioners are used to ensure the tension of the mesh to the required value (2.5 – 8 N/mm). On the way back, the mesh is cleaned with water sprays. This removes, first of all, the fibers that, during the dewatering of the paper stock, were caught and did not separate along with the paper web entering the press section.

The width of the paper is provided with format sprays that cut the edges of the paper web.

The design of the mesh part allows you to quickly and easily replace the mesh. The console table is made of carbon steel lined with stainless steel sheets.

The mesh part can consist of one lower console table or two (lower and upper) console tables for machines with cutting widths from 1680 to 4200 mm. It is possible to supply complete and separate parts element by element.


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