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High pressure injection, irrigation injection with cleaning


A high-pressure spray with electromechanical oscillation is used for high-pressure cleaning of meshes, felts, round-mesh cylinders, and perforated suction roll jackets. They are installed in the wire and press parts of the paper machine.

The spray consists of a spray pipe with carbide needle nozzles, an electromechanical drive with a stepper motor and a flexible high-pressure hose for water supply. The drive informs the drive reciprocating motion. The speed of the pipe movement is smoothly adjustable. The shower pipe can be rotated relative to the drive, which provides the necessary installation of the shower on the machine. 

Water is supplied to the shower from the drive side through a flexible high-pressure hose and ends with a welding boss into the water supply system.

All spray parts are made of stainless steel.

The recommended installation distance of the spray nozzle from the mesh (cloth) should be about 100-120 mm, while the water pressure should be 25-40 kgf / cm2

Water consumption through 1 die with a hole Ø1 mm is 2.27 l/min. at a water pressure of 30 kgf/cm2.


Irrigating sprays have now found their application in the mesh and press parts of paper and cardboard machines.

They are installed: 

  • In front of the cloth washers on the outside of the press felt to saturate the cloth with water.
  • Each guiding roller is like wetting.
  • As a backsplash over a couch agitator to flush the paper web under the net during breaks. 

Sprays operate at water pressure up to 0.5 MPa, are installed permanently, and work constantly. They use technical water that has been filtered to remove mechanical impurities, as well as clarified water with a concentration of suspended solids of 5-10 mg/l.

The spray consists of a spray pipe with a diameter of 40-50 mm, a welded fitting, a nozzle, a strip with brushes made of hard synthetic threads. 

The shape of the jet is fan-shaped or flat, depending on the type of nozzles. The distance from the nozzle to the surface of the grid (cloth) is 25-40 mm.

Water is supplied to the shower from the power side through a flexible hose.

Brushes are used to clean clogged nozzle holes, for which the brushes are rotated periodically. All metal parts of the shower are made of stainless materials.


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