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Kanatnikov gas station

Rope filling is used for automatic filling of paper tape with the help of filling ropes, from the press part of the machine through the dryer part into the reel. It is when the paper machine speed is above 200 m/min. To do this, a groove is made on the front cover of the drying cylinder. Two endless nylon ropes Ø6-12 mm run along it, which cover the drying cylinders in one or more groups.

The two-rope filling that we produce consists of a set of guide and accelerating rollers with holders, a horizontal device for tensioning the ropes and a protective cover for it.

The device for tensioning the cords is mechanical (tensioning with weights) and pneumatic (tensioning with the help of pneumatic cylinders controlled from the panel). Tension stroke 660 mm.

Accelerating and guide rollers are made with a diameter of 180-220 mm. If necessary, they can be equipped with removable rotating pulleys, which are mounted on the covers of the drying cylinders.


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