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Mechanized lines

oborudovanie-dlya-gornodobyvaushey-promyshlennostiOur company is a well-known manufacturer of mechanized lines, providing a high level of industrial turnover with minimal labor costs, introducing mechanized lines into the direct work process.

Mechanized production lines and their implementation, rolling stock bogies, repair of roll crushers, drive roller tables, hydraulic classifiers, belt feeders, cleaning rollers, rolls, mixing devices up to 30m high, conveyor rollers, drums.

Carries out the production of rolling stock bogies for use in mine workings or earthworks, ensuring the transportation of the necessary goods.

One of the main directions of DFMP is the repair of roller crushers, which are used in grinding rocks into various fractions.

Mechanized lines from DFMP

  • To classify particles of solid materials using the energy of water flow, hydroclassifiers are produced to help mechanize the workflow in an optimal way.
  • One of the types of industrial equipment created at the enterprise are feeders, which are used for uniform distribution and supply of bulk and piece goods. This device belongs to the conveyor prototype, but has a higher power.
  • To move goods on working surfaces, the plant produces high-quality rollers, that is, roller conveyors with a long service life.
  • The list of industrial equipment produced by the plant includes mixing devices, the height of which can reach 30 meters. This type of equipment is used to accelerate the process of chemical transformation or the production of solutions, provides homogenization when mixing liquids.
  • The drum, conveyor, and cleaning rollers are made using high quality materials, which guarantees increased wear resistance and reliability, as well as trouble-free operation of the belt with a reduction in her main load.
  • Rolls produced by DFMP are used in crushing and screening of hard rock. The use of this device ensures high-quality grinding of the necessary raw materials.


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