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Modernization and repair of equipment

Modernization and repair of equipment
Sooner or later, the equipment runs out of its resource, becomes obsolete morally or physically. There comes a moment of buying new equipment, which requires solid material investments. Not everyone can afford them. But why spend money if equipment repair and modernization comes to the aid of an outdated machine? This will significantly save and optimize costs.




Repair and modernization of industrial equipment

Company «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» provides a type of service such as equipment repair. This makes it possible not only to maintain the performance of machines, units and production lines! Also in the process, the restoration or complete replacement of parts, assemblies that are either out of order or on the verge of wear is carried out. This approach allows:

  • avoid equipment breakdowns in general or reduce their number;
  • avoid downtime during the production process;
  • reduce maintenance and repair costs.

DFMP has experienced personnel, material resources, and its own project department, which guarantees the high quality of all work performed.

Why is timely modernization so important?

Reconstruction, equipment upgrade allows to significantly optimize all production processes in the future. This has a positive effect on the volume of products, leads to cost reduction and quality improvement, etc.

In particular, a complete or at least partially carried out modernization will breathe new life into the equipment, and will also make it possible to reduce the number of maintenance personnel.

During the modernization work, our specialists will replace all components that are on the verge of wear with more reliable and modern parts that ensure the rational operation of the machine.


Also, in some cases, it is possible to retrofit the equipment, thanks to which it will become automated, minimizing manual labor and the need for human intervention in the operation of the machine.

Let’s note that process automation is a popular direction. Of course, it involves certain design developments, but our specialists are able to carry them out. We also work with drawings provided by customers.

If you need repair and modernization of equipment – the enterprise “Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant” is ready to help in resolving this issue.



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