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Pressing part with a combipress between a press with an extended pressing area

The main purpose of the press part is to dehydrate the paper web, ensuring certain quality indicators of the manufactured products. Pressing increases the dryness, strength and density of the paper. Pressing plays an important role in the production of multilayer types of paper and board. The cost of paper drying and the productivity of the machine depend on the efficiency of the press part. In order to reduce the steam consumption for drying, the goal is to obtain the maximum possible dryness after the press section.

The Ugleprom company produces press part of paper machine, which consists of two types of presses . This is a combipress and a press with an extended pressing area of the JUMBO type.

The design of the press part will ensure stable dryness paper web with a density of 125 g/m² up to 45% exit from it at speeds up to 600m/min. Combi-press (three-shaft) consists of a transfer shaft Ø750 mm., simultaneously being a shaft pressed, central smooth press roller Ø700 mm and pressure rubber roller Ø710 mm with a “blind” perforation, providing removal web from the mesh part and seamless wiring paper web through two press grips.

The press with an extended pressing area is designed as a twin-shaft press with hydraulic downforce from the upper press roll. The shafts have a rubber coating with “blind” perforation.

Linear pressures in press jaws: 

  • 1st grip – 70 kN/m.
  • 2nd grip – 90 kN/m.
  • 3rd grip – 250 kN/m.

The design of the press part makes it possible to ensure stable dryness of the paper web with a density of 125 g/m² up to 45% at the exit from it at a speed of up to 600 m/min. Cutting width of a cloth is 2520-4200 mm.

Also, the press section can be combined with a suction roll and two presses with an extended pressing zone of the JUMBO type.


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