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Pressure Boxes

The headbox with deflocculation rollers is used in the production of a wide range of papers with different weights per square meter. The boxes are adapted to work with different throughput and concentration of paper stock. The headbox provides a uniform flow of mass onto the flat mesh of the paper machine.

The headbox of the paper machine consists of a bottom with a lower lip, a collector with a perforated plate and mechanisms for moving the front wall (in a horizontal and vertical position to ensure pouring a given amount of mass onto the grid) with mechanisms for moving and finely adjusting the upper lip, perforated shafts with a drive and showers , defoamers. The manifold tilt mechanism is driven by a pneumatic or electric motor. 

Manholes, platforms and ladders are provided for maintenance of the box.

All internal surfaces of the headbox are made of stainless steel, high purity, polished. The headbox is made of stainless steel. 

The flow of mass entering the headbox is distributed by the collector along the width of the machine, passes through the holes of the perforated plate and is stabilized by rotating perforated shafts. The outlet slot gives the crop flow a smooth acceleration up to machine speed. The operating mode of the headbox and the mechanisms included in it is provided by the system for monitoring and automatically regulating the technological parameters of the control of the mechanisms, connected to the process control system.

Performed for paper machines with trim widths from 1680 to 4200 mm.

Technical specifications

Headbox type

Cutting width of the canvas, mm

Mass of 1 m2 of manufactured products, g

Machine speed, m/min Mass consumption, m3/s
Closed 2520 40-250 250-600 0,15-2,0
Open 1680 40-250 50-200 0,05-1



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