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Production of spare parts for agro-industrial equipment

Production of spare parts for agro-industrial equipmentLLC «Dnipropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» offers its services in the production of spare parts for agro-industrial equipment. The production of parts for the agronomic industry is in great demand. We know this, so in the production process we strictly adhere to the two most important principles:

  • we control the high quality of products;
  • we monitor the speed of work, fulfilling orders in the shortest possible time.


How does the production of spare parts go?

At the production of DLMZ, this process covers all stages of product creation – from development of drawings for installation of the finished part on the customer’s equipment.
From idea to operation, each product goes through the following production stages:

  1. Design. High-class engineers of our plant develop drawings and all the necessary technical documentation for parts of any level of complexity.
  2. Coordination. After creating the drawing, we will definitely contact the customer to submit the finished project for approval. At this stage, adjustments are made and layout details are discussed.
  3. Manufacturing. After the project is approved, the future part is sent to the workshops for manufacturing.
  4. Trial. Each created part must pass a series of special technical tests to confirm its quality and reliability.
  5. Making the necessary changes. After passing the tests, each part is sent for additional processing (grinding, turning, etc.).
  6. Escort. At the request of the customer, the specialized specialists of DLMZ provide full support for the finished product during its installation and operation.

What equipment do we use to make spare parts?

Each part produced by the DLMZ plant for the agronomic industry is manufactured using modern technological equipment. In the production process we use:

  • metal cutting machines;
  • welding equipment;
  • gas-plasma cutting;
  • thermal ovens;
  • etc.

What materials are the parts made at the DFMP plant?

For each manufactured part, we select the optimal composition, based on the purpose of the spare part and the loads that it will have to withstand during operation. Regardless of which alloy is used, its components are always of the highest quality class that meets the required standards and regulations.

The quality of materials for the production of parts is of paramount importance to us. Because it is important for us that your agro-industrial equipment works without failures, breakdowns and technological disruptions.

Order lead times

Realizing that the agricultural industry must work like clockwork and one day of equipment downtime can cost the owner thousands (and sometimes millions) of losses, we make sure that each order is completed as soon as possible.

The minimum order fulfillment time at the DFMP production is 1 day.


This period can be extended taking into account the individual characteristics of each product. The following factors influence the production time of a spare part:

  • the complexity of the design of the part;
  • the complexity of the manufacturing process;
  • the presence or absence of a finished drawing;
  • the presence or absence of the necessary technical documentation;
  • speed of agreement with the customer.

Why should you contact Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant LLC?

Because the production of spare parts for agro-industrial equipment in DLMZ gives you the following advantages:

  • the fastest execution of the order;
  • the use of high-quality raw materials, optimally matched to a specific part;
  • preparation of all project documentation;
  • confirmation of the quality and reliability of the finished product during testing;
  • full support during installation and operation of the spare part.

You can order the manufacture of spare parts for agro-industrial equipment directly on the website or by contacting the DLMZ plant in Pavlograd directly.


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