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Repair of imported equipment and import replacement of spare parts

proizvodstvo-promishlennogo-oborudovaniyaIn many areas of industry, in many enterprises, production associations of our country, machines, lines, mechanisms developed and produced by foreign companies are used. Sometimes it is necessary to repair imported equipment, because it, like any other, can fail.

Buying a new unit or inviting a specialist from abroad is an expensive pleasure. But don’t give up quality equipment, who just needs a rebuild?

Prompt repair of imported equipment

Company «Dnepropetrovsk Foundry and Machine-Building Plant» provides services for the repair of virtually any type of equipment. A powerful material and technical base, the knowledge and experience of employees allow us to solve virtually any problem, eliminate any problems with your equipment.


How is the repair carried out and what parts are used?

Our company independently manufactures spare parts for imported equipment, which can significantly reduce the cost of repairs. This is a kind of import substitution of parts, which was appreciated by our customers. After all, the quality of spare parts is not inferior to the original parts, but at the same time their cost is much lower.

Despite the apparent complexity and multi-stage nature, the process actually does not take much time, but it allows for efficient and rational import substitution in the industry.


Why you should contact DFMP?

There are a number of reasons why cooperation with our enterprise is beneficial for representatives of domestic companies, factories and plants.

First of all, this will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing foreign-made spare parts and parts. At the same time, without sacrificing quality.


It should also be noted that we solve all the assigned tasks as quickly as possible, and therefore your plant is not threatened with a long downtime that can lead to substantial financial losses.

At the request of the customer, the part can be optimized, which will either increase the productivity of the equipment or reduce energy costs. If necessary, a contract for subsequent service is concluded.


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