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Aspiration of backfill pits and conveyors, repair and modernization of granulators, screw presses

repair and modernization of granulatorsLLC «Dnepropetrovsk foundry – machine-building plant» successfully carries out the production of equipment for the agricultural industry. In connection with the tightening of environmental safety requirements, agricultural enterprises began to need modern devices and systems that are characterized by a high level of dust removal. Most enterprises have equipment of the 1970s and 1980s, which is obsolete and does not meet established standards. One way to improve this situation is to repair the granulator. Pits that are responsible for storing grain or compound feed, as well as conveyors that deliver products for storage to this type of bunker, are in dire need of high-quality dust removal.



Repair of a granulator from DFMP

For effective dust removal LLC «Dnepropetrovsk foundry – machine-building plant» manufactures high-quality aspiration equipment for waste pits and conveyors that meets all standards and requirements:

  • environmental;
  • sanitary and hygienic;
  • technological;
  • and also prevents dust explosions.

The company has launched the production of screw presses, which are widely used in the agricultural and food industries, as well as in other industries. They are used to mechanize the process of making feed or feed mixtures.

In addition to the production of the main equipment for the agricultural complex, the plant is engaged in the repair and modernization of granulators – indispensable devices for the production of animal feed. With the help of these devices, homogeneous granules with improved technological properties of the feed are formed.


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