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Equipment for mass preparation

industrial-machine-maintenanceDnepropetrovsk foundry machine-building plant creates high quality equipment for mass preparation and machines for the industrial production of various types of cardboard and paper.

Stock preparation equipment is produced that meets the highest standards, capable of processing large volumes of raw materials for the further production of paper and cardboard.

Tambour shafts, net and felt-guiding shafts, press and calender shafts, bearing supports, sieves and rotors, steam heads, scrapers, beds and racks, peeling drums, UVK, PRS, other parts and assemblies of paper and cardboard machines.

Mass preparation equipment from DLMZ

For the primary stage of preparation of raw materials, rotating rotors manufactured at the factory and ring sieves with a high level of wear resistance are used. The process of forming or casting a paper sheet by combining fibers is carried out with the help of the wire part of paper and board machines produced at the enterprise. To compact the paper web and increase its smoothness, the production of machine calenders and tambour rolls for continuous winding is carried out. With the help of the press part of the equipment produced, high-quality dehydration occurs, porosity is reduced, and the mass and mechanical strength of the paper web are increased.

  • Integral mechanisms of machines for paper production are mesh and felt parts involved in the drying of the web. The factory produces special devices for supplying steam, the so-called steam heads, located in the drying cylinder.
  • Production of bearings has been launched to increase the reliability and extend the life of machines.
  • High quality stands and beds are produced, which are integral parts of paperboard and paper making machines.
  • To increase the service life of cylinders and shafts manufactured scraper, for cleaning them.
  • Modern barking drums are produced used in modern pulp and paper production.
  • For high-quality cleaning of cellulose raw materials from foreign elements, the plant produces UVK – installations of vortex conical cleaners.
  • Technological units of cyclic action PRS (slitting machines) are created, which cut paper into rolls of a given width.

In addition to the main parts and mechanisms involved in pulp and paper production, the company is engaged in the production of all kinds of parts and assemblies used in the new generation of paper and cardboard machines.


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